The Imperial Hot Tub Gazebo

A Truly Outstanding Bespoke Garden Structure


Please scroll down the page for the gazebo specifications.

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture



The Gazebo sizes quoted are all the external dimension of the posts. The internal dimensions are the external measurements minus 2 x the post thickness.


Main roof frame: 150 x 50mm

Rafters: 100 x 50mm

Uprights: A massive 150mm x 150mm are supplied as standard. They measure 2.4m long, if fitted at full height the head room will be 2.27 m.

Huge 200mm x 200mm posts are also available at an extra cost. The pictures show the 200mm posts.

Braces cut from 220mm x 50mm treated timber, a large curve is cut into this.

A focal King Post makes up the centre of the roof made from a 150mm section of timber. Rectangular roofs will have two King Posts built in to them.


Benefits: Durability, Lightweight, Versatility, Ease of fixing, Attractive appearance, Virtually maintenance free, BBA Certification 15 year material guarantee.

Details: A durable, flexible and proven shingle tile strip manufactured from specially formulated bitumen asphalt, reinforced with a pre-impregnated glass fibre and finished with resilient and aesthetically pleasing coloured ceramicised granules.  With every Felt Shingle Kit, we will supply you with a pressure treated tongue and groove roof covering to screw to the roof frame. This will be cut to size. You may choose to stain, paint or varnish the side you will see. This will help prevent mould growth in the future. This is especially worth considering if you have a hot tub under the gazebo due to the steam. Fixings are supplied.


If you are looking for a convenient place to position a candle or drink, why not consider this unique stone shelf? This functional and attractive fixture can be attached at any height and will complement the design of your gazebo. They provide a perfect perch for your drink, without the need for a table.

The stone shelf is initially slid up the post prior to fitting. Silicone can be applied to the tops of the timber supports to securely affix the shelf. The treated timber supports are simply screwed to the post to support the stone shelf at any height you wish. The natural stone measures approximately 600mm.


Our wooden garden bar can be added to your gazebo to create a perfect place to eat and drink. Designed so that they can be fixed to a height of your choice they offer a convenient solution for hot tub use as a drinks shelf, for bbq's as a place to put out food and drinks. The timber is pressure treated 50mm thick and 220mm wide. Fixing brackets and bolts are supplied. If purchasing a rectangular gazebo kit, the shopping cart is set up as the widest gazebo dimension being an entrance, the shelves are for the shortest dimensions. If you want to use the gazebo with the narrowest dimension as the entrance, please let us know and we will let you know the cost of the longer shelves which will be required.

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