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Clear Roof Lantern Now Available On The Imperial

17/08/2021 16:01:09   In Our News  
woodmines limited
Customise your bespoke gazebo kit with privacy panels, clear roof lantern, wooden bar shelves, drink shelves, glazed privacy panels etc.

Delivery Update

26/03/2020 09:23:46   In Our News  

Bespoke Tudor Gazebo

10/03/2020 14:00:32   In Our News  
woodmines limited
WoodMines Bespoke Tudor Garden Gazebo, Wooden Outdoor Structure, Garden Rooms at affordable prices, perfect for hot tub and BBQ shelters.

The Elizabethan

18/11/2019 10:57:07   In Our News  
woodmines limited, hot tub gazebo outdoor dining, bespoke wooden gazebo, garden gazebo

Bespoke Celestial Gazebo

10/09/2019 12:49:18   In Our News  
woodmines limited, elizabethan wooden gazebo, bespoke hot tub shelter, wooden garden structure
bespoke wooden garden gazebo elizabethan wooden hot tub shelter bespoke wigan gazebo

Gable End Garden Structure

02/09/2019 13:40:23   In Our News  

Huge Imperial Wooden Gazebo

19/08/2019 13:38:05   In Our News  
woodmines limited, pizza oven shelter

Truly Bespoke Wooden Imperial

09/08/2019 11:34:20   In Our News  

Impressive Imperial

30/07/2019 13:46:58   In Our News  
woodmines limited
Impressive Imperial gazebo by WoodMines Wigan adding a charming addition to any garden.

Bespoke Imperial Gazebo

29/07/2019 13:45:16   In Our News  
woodmines limited, imperial woven trellis, imperial gazebo, woven trellis privacy panels
Imperial Gazebo with woven trellis privacy panels and roll up grey privacy cover on the back and translucent cover entrance

Bespoke WoodMines Pergola

22/07/2019 13:34:56   In Our News  
woodmines limited, pergola woven privacy screens
Beautiful WoodMines Pergola with woven privacy screens. We build these bespoke Pergolas to your specification and deliver all over the UK

Bespoke Gazebo Roof

16/07/2019 11:30:34   In Our News  
woodmines limited, bespoke wooden roof structure

Nationwide Gazebo Deliveries

12/07/2019 12:06:55   In Our News  
woodmines limited, nationwide deliveries
Delivering our Bespoke Wooden Gazebos all over the UK - WoodMines deliver Nationwide.

Summer Party

09/07/2019 13:31:11   In Our News  
woodmines limited, summer party pop up party
Create the perfect summer party in our Bespoke Regal Wooden Gazebo Kit

Cosy Night In

05/07/2019 12:11:40   In Our News  
woodmines limited, al fresco living
Bring a cosy night in .... outdoors and enjoy Al Fresco living in your very own living room created in our Bespoke Imperial Gazebo.

Outdoor Snug Gazebo

05/07/2019 09:22:58   In Our News  
woodmines limited, outdoor snug, hot tub gazebo, bespoke gazebo
Gazebo with a clear roof making the ideal outdoor cosy snug area with side panels. Built to order, nationwide delivery.

Truly Bespoke Celestial Wooden Garden Gazebo

13/07/2018 07:58:18   In Our News  
woodmines limited
Wooden Gazebo With Clear Roof Window Glass Acrylic Perspex. Made To Measure Large And Small Wooden Gazebos. Hot Tub Gazebo.

Large Stock of Green Oak Sleepers and Planks

13/07/2018 07:51:15   In Our News  
woodmines limited
New Oak Railway Sleepers In Wigan, StHelens, Manchester, Liverpool, Southport, Chorley, Preston, Skelmersdale, Aughton

Wooden Pergola Kits

01/03/2018 05:04:41   In Our News  

Large Range Of Bespoke Wooden Garden Gazebos

13/01/2018 19:56:02   In Our News  
woodmines limited
Hand made Hot Tub Gazebos, We Build Bespoke Wooden Garden Gazebos as standard.